In Resonance with the Japanese People

In Resonance with the Japanese People

Like so many of us, I’ve been discerning since last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan how to digest the enormity of this disaster.  While in prayerful conversation with my ancestors, I have felt strengthened by the following image:

I open my heart to many of my ancestors standing behind me, looking with me in the same direction, at the Japanese people.  With the support of my own ancestors who have experienced the losses and traumas of their lives standing behind me, I feel strengthened, more able to look clearly at the way truth is unfolding today for those in Japan.  There’s a gift for all present in this image — for me, my ancestors, those in Japan who are alive today, their ancestors, and all of our descendants.  We are reminded that there is one human family.

In addition to considering this image, here’s a few more ideas regarding self-care to consider:

1. Make time to be with others when big things happen.

2. Talk a little bit with others about how it is for you.  It’s natural to feel helpless in the face of catastrophe, and talking helps to transmute this feeling.  Quiet meditative time is great, but when tragedy occurs, it can easily turn into ruminating.

3. Reciprocate the kindness. Listen to others when they share how it is for them. It’s good for the soul and the web of all relations.  Be in balance with talking and listening.

4. Connect with nature in whatever way is most accessible for you.

5. Pray, meditate, do yoga, breathe (remembering that there is also a balance between quiet time and talking; refer to #2 listed above).

What helps keep you going during challenging times?

I look forward to replying to your comments.

All are welcome.

2 thoughts on “In Resonance with the Japanese People

  1. Thank you Lisa for this. The enormity of the situation confussed many of us..especially with other situations in the Middle East and the earthquake in New Zealand and so many others barely mentioned like the near civil war in Ivory Coast ( one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited)…it is calming to know our ancestors are right behind us, supporting us because they know exactly how we are feeling right now
    The baby is so cute..very beautiful ..the sign of a new begining….no matter how challenging…the night will always give way to the dawn of a new day.
    Thank you.

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