2011 U.S. Systemic Constellations Conference in San Francisco

2011 U.S. Systemic Constellations Conference in San Francisco

I returned home a few days ago from the 2011 U.S Systemic Constellations Conference in San Francisco, CA.   It was a gift to be with 300 others from across the country, along with a few friends from other countries, to explore the diversity, gifts, and richness of this work in the U.S.

I am grateful for many aspects of this gathering, such as:

  • a Healing Circle and Community Constellation for those impacted by the trans-generational stress, historical trauma and the phenomena of ‘American amnesia’ led by Francesca Mason Boring and Malidoma Somé;
  • the experience of planning together and co-leading the Integrative Healthcare Panel with gifted colleagues from around the country; and
  • meeting new friends such as Jerome Kerner, who combines his work as an architect with constellation influences, looking at the influence of ancestry and culture on home. He is the author of Be It Ever So Humble.

With deep gratitude, I look forward to experiencing how each of us expresses the gifts (as well as challenges) of our ancestries as the constellation work spreads across the globe.

Thanks for remembering with me that we all belong.

One thought on “2011 U.S. Systemic Constellations Conference in San Francisco

  1. Great to see you and re-connect….PLEASE keep me posted on any developments for a National Association or Collective? If you have a short summary or the work for the afternoon? I’d love to know how it constellated? Thanks for ALL you do on so many levels… Hugs GARY

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