Ancestral Blueprints Radio Show

Ancestral Blueprints Radio Show

Atlanta-based Ade Anifowose and Ombassa Sophera are co-founders of Life Conversations Radio.

On the radio show, “Life Conversations Radio presents Ancestral Blueprints,” Lisa and Ade invite listeners to join their spirit-led conversation with an international listening audience.  All are invited to learn how resonance with our ancestors influences life today, as well as how Systemic Family Constellations promote clarity and freedom in our ancestral blueprints.

Visit to listen live or to taped podcasts. Call-in Number: (347) 426-3346.  During this show’s first 18 months it was a weekly broadcast; now stay tuned for monthly shows on the last Wednesday of the month, 11am PST.


The following conversation with Ade, Ombassa, and Lisa took place in honor of the one year anniversary of this radio show’s first broadcast on July 24, 2008.

Lisa: What inspired you to co-create the radio show “Life Conversations Radio presents Ancestral Blueprints” a year ago?

Ade: We did so shortly after our first Family Constellations circle. It was such a profound, simple process. For me, it was like it made the esoteric principles clearer that we are all one and all connected and made it real in us. The more I talked with you (Lisa), it was like I was getting in touch with something I knew and just didn’t know that I knew it. Looking at spiritual principles manifesting in humanity gave me a deeper appreciation for humanity.

Ombassa: We thought that people needed to know about what we experienced in the actual workshop and how important it was to reach more people. We wanted to let people have the opportunity to experience it after hearing about it on the radio show. Getting in touch with a person’s soul and their family’s soul can change so many people’s lives.

Ade: I also remember the conversations we had at that time about there being few (if any) active African American Constellation facilitators in the U.S.

We need to understand the impact of the slavery experience in America today, how sensitive it is and how it brings such deep emotions. I thought that people need to know about Family Constellations to at least have the choice of wanting to explore it. The radio show could be a way to continue the healing process.

Family Constellations allow me to get in touch with feelings, and I don’t have to struggle with the words because others are there supporting and assisting the process. Others can help put words to my experience. Sometimes things are so traumatic that we can’t find the words.

Because we have the radio platform about inspiring and creating awareness, it’s a never-ending conversation. It’s a human conversation. What Family Constellations bring up is the opportunity for us to keep talking about the human experience from an everyday place. For example, when you talk about body wisdom and awareness, this awareness is usually missed. Even in the new age movement – it’s missed.

Lisa: What have you noticed after doing the show for a year?

Ombassa: I feel like the show has changed people’s lives, it’s naturally doing it. People haven’t thought about the soul of the family, the soul of the nation, all the things we’ve brought up. For example, the radio show we did that was a live town hall meeting during the presidential election in Atlanta, Georgia, was very powerful.

People haven’t thought about being able to bring things up where there’s more than my own individual life, and there will always be more. The soul of things is really important.

The show helps people be in the frame of mind that they could take things further toward resolving. It shows people that they can do more than just complain; it gives them ideas of what we can do to help bring people to resolution.

Ade: I feel the depth of what we’re sharing and bringing to the radio platform. The more that Family Constellations and Ancestral Blueprints bring more awareness, people can realize, “What is our soul trying to tell us?” I want Ancestral Blueprints to be a common conversation, where people feel moved to ask themselves and each other, “Can we listen to the Ancestral Blueprint of America now and listen from a broader perspective?”

Lisa: This radio show has been one of those unexpected movements of the soul for which I’m very grateful. Being in conversation with people each week from diverse backgrounds, heritages, and locations reminds me how much our fates are bound together in both our individual families and within the larger, collective human family.

I sense that each listener and caller is in touch with unseen truths in our families’ and country’s soul. We need each other to bring these images into compassionate acceptance. Our resonance with unseen ancestral wisdom and truth is alive and well.

Ade: We have a gem here. I am eagerly anticipating the breakthrough, the shift where more people know what we’re doing on this show.


Ade had this conversation on the phone with Lisa while he was at the Atlanta airport. While discussing the need for healing America’s post-slavery soul, he encountered Dr. Charles Finch III at the airport .

Lisa and Dr. Finch became friends after one of her Constellation workshops in Atlanta. They have enjoyed illuminating, stimulating conversation regarding the Spirit origins of the Constellation method.

Dr. Finch is a licensed physician, internationally known lecturer, and former Director of International Health at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. Using ancient papyri, artifacts of all kinds, and primary sources of information, Dr. Finch has connected math, physics, astronomy, architecture, medicine, metallurgy, and music to African cultural origins.