Book Blessing Ceremony

Book Blessing Ceremony

On October 5, 2009,  a group of about twenty people gathered for an Ancestral Blueprints book blessing ceremony at Fincayra, a retreat setting near Bellingham Bay. May these blessings for the book’s call to compassionately honor truth resonate in all families, communities, and nations:

“May this book continue the process of untangling the true facts of our history, our lives, our ancestry from those hidden places —  that we may walk upright in integrity and fullness of life.”

“One honest voice is louder than a crowd.”

“May the spirit and consciousness that these words express convey and lead us to a collective spirit of compassion and transcendence of limiting identity or attachment to story. With love and through love these words are shared.”

“A ripping apart and a coming together. May all be healed.”

“The ancestors, our female ancestors in particular, are much revered in my psyche. They gave birth to me. I stand my ground in this point in time, ushered into the present by them. There is no guilt or shame about this.

“May “Ancestral Blueprints” birth a new truth in America, an appreciation of truth, yes. Also, a pulse, a rhythm of change. May this book bring us forward to make change, value change, truthful change in our psyches and in our nation. May the truths revealed in this book spark change, healing, and compassion.”

“Lisa, blessings to you and your creation. You answered the call and stayed true to your path. May your gift of love and truth reverberate throughout humanity.”

“The time is right for this book. Thank you, Lisa, for being the “vessel” for it to be created, and thank you for your courage during the process of its creation. I know that you will be on the Oprah show with this book. My hope is that this book will touch many hearts and create more space for love and compassion in this world. Heartfelt blessings to you.”

“Go forth and be a blessing to others, helping them to find their own true path and the courage and strength to follow their own true heart.”

“Lisa, thank you for being steadfast essence of self, clear grounded, a lovely vessel waiting to be used to promote truth — to uncover truth that has not yet been seen, that keeps us from achieving, growth, and potential.”

“Lending grace, purity, abundant love and joy.”

“May we all be ready — more and more — to hear the truth, accept the truth, live the truth.”

“Only truth is true. The truth will dissolve all suffering, will correct all errors. All conflict must be resolved by the light of truth. Lisa is truth. Good work!”

“Inspiration in many ways.”

“May the divine feminine continue to grace us all, that the truth be seen as a blessing and a great gift bringing us true freedom.”

“May blessings unfold to you, Lisa, 100 fold. And so it may be for us individually and as a country — and planet — blessings growing out of this work, 100-fold.”

“Peace.  Lisa, your work helped me find peace in my most trying time. Gratitude —  and brought me gratitude for so much I had never before acknowledged, and so it continues, nurtures, and enlightens.  So I keep looking and allowing as more unfolds. Thank you!”

“May this book expand and ripple out to all peoples with blessings of truth, love, dignity, and pursuit of goodness. Yes! Yes! Yes!”