About Family Constellations West

About Family Constellations West

Family Constellations West is the publisher of Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America’s Soul.

The website www.familyconstellationswest.com is also a resource for learning about Family and Systemic Constellations, a systemic approach to healing. This respectful, powerful way of gently bringing to light the hidden workings of family and organizational systems helps to resolve invisible entanglements.

This systemic approach to healing was developed and introduced by Bert Hellinger over thirty years ago. It has significantly contributed to Germany’s healing for descendants of the Holocaust. At the peak of its’ popularity in Europe, audiences of several hundred people gathered together to experience this work’s healing effects for individuals, families, and social groups.

Constellations offer us wisdom about the depth of our loyalty to family functioning like no other approach from western culture. While each family has its own story that makes it unique, there are universal truths that connect us to one another. By restoring balance in our ancestral maps, our personal suffering and unhappiness can be transformed into a force for healing.

This work is not about trying to change or fix anything. It’s also not about blaming or pathologizing. Its’ power and depth lie in simply honoring what is, especially in those places of loss, pain, or tragedy which have remained unacknowledged. When we do so, love and life can flow more freely in individuals and families, and our rightful place of belonging is restored.

Constellations are innovative, but its roots are ancient. Our human family is in a movement of remembering that tribal wisdom existed before Western institutions and teachings. In the United States, Constellations offer us great insight and healing around our immigration experience, history of First Nations’ genocide, and slavery. The effects of these historical events – the guilt, suffering, and grief — live on in our families and broader culture. This approach shows us how descendants can honor the past without carrying on the trauma which has been frozen in our souls.

There are many unacknowledged truths waiting to be honored and integrated into ourselves,  our families, and our larger communities.  To learn more, please visit www.familyconstellationswest.com.